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Production of metal structures

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HROMITMONTAZH LLC is a modern enterprise specializing in production of metal structures and their installation.

Existing production facilities allow to produce 200-350 tons of metal work per month.

Our company is ready to produce and install metal structures of any complexity: from stair railings to buildings of industrial enterprises.

Production and installation of metal structures of any complexity

Nowadays, a lot of companies offer manufacturing and assembly of metal structures. Due to high competition a rare company does not offer "better quality", which is, in many cases, justifiable. Though, in this context, this is the price which becomes a major factor to choose a needed manufacturer. And the main factor which determines cost is the volume of production, in other words, the total weight on the market. Overall tonnage determines needs for raw materials in in the course of production, thereby increasing cost of an order. This means that a larger order would result in lower organizational expenses. Consequently, a sufficiently large order leads the final price to be almost equal to the price of raw materials, not to account for installation of metal structures.

That is why this is exactly the cost of installation and delivery which we should think twice about. As for delivery, we need not draw any diagrams, but we should approach the question more carefully, concerning the choice of a manufacturer, which would be able to provide a robust and fast installation. It is necessary to agree on the complexity of metal structures installation in advance.

We should find out the type of works, terms and conditions, for example, presence of works at height and their complexity, in order to select suitable personnel with corresponding qualification, as well as any equipment and machinery needed. By taking into account all aspects and coordinating them with us, you will enable us to make installation of metal structures of any complexity safely, efficiently and quickly.

To date, metal structures can be protected by applying polymer and enamel coatings, by galvanizing and powder coating. Where it is necessary to manufacture a metal structure being highly resistant to humid conditions, it is conventional to use stainless steel.