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Production of metal structures

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Embedded parts

Embedded parts are metal parts (round, stip, angle bar) installed (embedded) into structures before concreting to arrange weld joints of prefabricated and precast-monolithic reinforced concrete structures with each other and with other constructions of buildings (structures).

Welded embedded parts and products are subdivided into two main types: open and closed embedded structures. Depending on location of anchor bars in relation to flat element, embedded parts may be with perpendicular, inclined, parallel or mixed arrangement of anchor bars. Bars may be threaded.

Production of embedded parts is carried out according to sets of rules:

• Set of rules 1.400-15 "Unified embedded parts of reinforced concrete structures for mounting of technological communications and devices";
• Set of rules 1.400-6/76 "Unified embedded parts for reinforced concrete structures of buildings of industrial enterprises";
• Set of rules 1.400.2-25.93 "Unified embedded parts of precast concrete structures in single-storey buildings of industrial enterprises".

In addition, we produce a wide variety of products under conditions and requirements (drawings) of clients.

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