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Production of metal structures

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Development of detailed drawings

In the shortest time, our specialists will develop construction documents with a detailed drawing and a set of construction documents required for the detailed drawing needed at factory to manufacture metal structures. The set of detailed drawings contains thoroughly elaborated dimensions of each part of the project, as well as thoroughly elaborated assembly operations (deliverable assemblies). 

Well-drafted and detailed design documentation is a key to correct manufacture of metal structures and ensures fast and fault-free assembly of the entire steel structure. 

Set of drawings

  • Cover sheet
  • Sheets with notes and general data
  • Assembly sheets with all units
  • Drawings of assembly units, parts
    • Specifications of steel
    • The "Produce" tables
    • Work sheets of weld joints, metal products, grades

Benefits of detailed drawings development

  • Objects are modeled in three-dimensional design environment
  • The required work sheets and specifications are generated by software
  • Auto-numbering of finished drawings, deliverable assemblies, separate parts

In which variants does the customer receive drawings?

  • DWG AutoCAD files
  • Single-page or multi-page PDF
    • NC format for CNC machines
  • 3D files for web publishing (above 40 formats)

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