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Production of metal structures

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Pipelines installation

Pipelines installation is a great opportunity to fix a pipeline by means of pipeline saddles in a design position and reliably protect pipes from all kinds of undesirable damage, directly in area of contact with a support structure.

Pipeline saddles are strong, and, most importantly, reliable steel structures. This metal structure allows the entire pipe system to remain stationary and highly resistant to any load, temperature and possible vibration.

If you need to buy high-quality products, our offer for you is to order pipeline parts on our website, and also add installation of pipelines to the order. In this case, you will be satisfied not only by perfect and affordable prices, but also by unique quality of metal structures.

We guarantee you that our company is the only supplier of the most reliable products, so we are extremely interested to keep every client.

HromitMontazh offers you services like manufacture and installation of pipe saddles.

We ensure implementation of the entire range of services for our clients, from design to manufacturing, prompt delivery and installation of pipeline, if needed.

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