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Production of metal structures

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Manufacturing of rebar cages

Manufacturing of rebar cages is one of our business areas, where our company has extensive experience. Here you can buy structures at affordable prices, order their design and development, as well as a number of other services. We sell ready-made rebar cages for foundations, for bored piles, and for any other building structures; we use most advanced technological solutions in the manufacturing process.

Prices for manufacturing of rebar cages and embedded parts are calculated depending on volume and complexity of works, as well as urgency of the order. Besides fabrication of metal structures and separate elements and details, we also arrange delivery to construction site with our own transport and guarantee preservation of integrity, absence of any mechanical damage to the product.

Currently there are two basic types of rebar cages used in construction:

  • • Flat cages representing a product made of transverse and longitudinal steel bars;
  • • 3D rebar cages. Manufacturing of such type of rebar cages is performed by joining a number of flat articles into a single structure.

A couple decades ago, installation of rebar cages was carried out directly at a construction site, individual elements were interconnected with wire, resulting in vulnerability of such structures and their significant drawbacks. That is why this process is carried out in shop conditions today, which provides the following benefits:

  • • most precise calculation of a product, depending on loads it will bear in the future;
  • • welding of reinforcing meshes and cages using special equipment. Such compound significantly increases strength characteristics of a product, making it more reliable and durable;
  • • use of high quality materials selected in full compliance with customer requirements and design features of the building;
  • • full compliance of cages and reinforcing meshes to GOST;
  • • cost reduction in construction of buildings and structures, or their elements.

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